Running a business is not the easiest of ventures to do, but it can be fruitful - especially in the long run. To help with the day-to-day running of the company and to take time-consuming ‘admin’ tasks away from the owner, many businesses choose to outsource some areas of the business administration process. 
Below I explain why small to medium-sized companies should consider hiring outside HR expertise. 
When you outsource your human resources, you are essentially taking on a third-party company to deliver all the complex ins and outs of employee contracts, recruitment and acting as a department that your employees can go to for information and advice. 
Some of the advantages of using an external provider are: 
Skills and knowledge - hiring an individual from a company that specialises within that specific field will ensure that they've been trained to a high degree and will have a great knowledge of the field. 
Efficiency - there are many fundamentals that a business has to deal with daily no matter the size. However, by outsourcing HR the company can focus on their core business rather than HR. This will allow the company to have more time for other tasks. 
Reduced cost - employing a HR advisor can be a lot more expensive than hiring specialist companies. 
According to SAGE Journals in an article titled ‘Human Resource Outsourcing Success', one of the areas neglected in HR is the partnership quality. This impacts the service of quality on the success of HR outsourcing. 
To conclude, the service provider market is increasing and growing very quickly, and HR outsourcing has advanced from being a singular service provider to a multiple service provider.  
Outsourcing HR can be a great investment in any business, allowing flexibility for companies to leave certain tasks to the experts while they focus on other departments. 
Words by Blessing Taiwo 
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